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As we reported in August, the world’s largest goal-oriented diving group and SeaLegacy, the global conservation and manufacturing group, have joined forces to launch the all-new “30×30” initiative.

30×30 targets to protect 30% of the world’s oceans by 2030 – by creating a global community of marine protected areas, the initiative aims to protect the well-being and biodiversity of the world’s oceans and help combat against the effects of local climate change.

Currently, only 2.7% of the ocean – which covers 70% of the world’s land – is inside a highly protected area. Thus, the 30×30 initiative calls on governments and world leaders to urgently improve the extent of the safety of marine environments.

Dolphins swimming in the Bahamas (Image credit: © Cristina Mittermeier/SeaLegacy)

SeaLegacy was founded by conservationist and photographer Cristina Mittermeier and her partner, photographer Paul Nicklen.

The partnership with PADI provides the 30×30 initiative with many opportunities – PADI has a global community of 6,600 dive centers and resorts and 128,000 qualified members.

“In our efforts to support the protection of 30% of the ocean by 2030, we must build a public narrative that presents the ocean as a solution and as an opportunity,” says Mittermeier. “We partnered with PADI because it has a large audience of ocean-loving individuals who are already a natural group of supporters of this ideal.

“We felt it would be beneficial to align ourselves with our own audience to greatly expand the community that supports this lofty goal on a global scale.”

Click here to read the full interview (opens in a new tab) with Cristina Mittermeier about 30×30.

Enter our unique PADI competitors right now!

padi 30x30 competition picture 4

(Image credit: © PADI)

To help promote this important 30×30 initiative, Digital Camera World has partnered with PADI for a unique contest: the prospect of winning a PADI digital photography course. (opens in a new tab) worth $145/£118!

The course has two parts: to begin with, you will learn the basics of underwater photography in e-learning.

Next, you will undertake two dives at a PADI dive shop, where you will gain hands-on expertise taking underwater footage (as a prerequisite you will need to be a Certified Diver/Junior OW Diver (or have a certification qualification).

Click here to enter competitors (opens in a new tab) – the deadline for registration is 23:59 GMT on October 31.

padi contest image 30x30 3

(Image credit: © PADI)

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Win a digital underwater photography course worth $145/£118!

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Win a digital underwater photography course worth $145/£118!

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Win a digital underwater photography course worth $145/£118!

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