Using glass for creative photography hacks


Lately I seem to be seeing a lot of photos where the model or subject is seen through a window, for example the photo where the model sitting in a cafe enjoys a cup of coffee while the photographer takes a photo of the outside. If you’re having trouble finding a location to do so, here’s a hack for you to recreate a similar look.

You don’t need a giant window to create your image using the reflection of the shot through the glass, you can use something much smaller, something you may already have. Coming from Jessica Kobeissi, she shares five different creative tips using glass from a simple photo frame. You can find frames in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but if you’re like me, you already have some around the house that aren’t being used.

Throughout the video, Kobeissi explains how the photos come out while holding the piece of glass (watch out for sharp edges) between the camera and her subject to capture portraits with reflections in the shot. These shots are very similar to the scenario I first mentioned. You can potentially set up any room and use the glass in the frame to mimic the window and shoot through the glass for that look. Now for the other creative tips and for a change, Kobeissi adds different elements to the glass sheet to change the dynamics of the shot.

If you are not a fan of seeing where the glass is in the shot, I would suggest a large photo frame to get the glass sheet. You can purchase a larger photo frame if you don’t have one, or another option is to simply visit local stores that sell sheets of glass. To prevent your hands or the model’s hands from cutting, you can add foam strips around the edge or find photo frames with thinner frames.

The four different elements that Kobeissi applies to the surface are not the others that you can use. Dry erase markers work to add color, or you can even stick gels on the glass. Also consider lens hacks and lens filters – you can apply petroleum jelly to the glass instead.

What was your favorite tip and what other things can you apply to glass for different looks?

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