Understanding Street Photography by Bryan Peterson: the human condition in all its forms

Internationally acclaimed photographer, Bryan Peterson, has curated a new photography book titled Understand street photography, offering helpful tutorials covering a wide range of topics and insight into how the images were created.

Something for every reader, this book from a global bestselling author and global photography teacher can help you capture those defining moments while expanding your vision to create those mesmerizing compositions.

Supposedly, street photography is one of the most searched photography categories on Instagram, along with travel photography and the best camera for street photography is a popular gear to own. Some might suggest that various elements of travel photography in recent years have been adapted from the methods of traditional street photography, with tourists frequently capturing busy city streets, as opposed to secluded beaches and dreamy destination landscapes. .

This latest book by acclaimed portrait and landscape photographer Bryan Peterson takes on a new form in the beginner’s guide to street photography category. “Street photography allows you to capture the human condition in all its beauty, good, bad, joyful, sad, tragic and festive.” he shares.

Understanding Street Photography by Bryan Peterson, published by Watson-Guptill. (Image credit: Bryan Peterson)

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Since 2003, Peterson has written 13 photography books, in nine different languages, and is widely recognized in the photographic community as an author and photographer of Understand the exhibitionwhich has sold over a million copies worldwide.

Additionally, Peterson has curated hit titles such as Learn to see creatively and understand color. If that wasn’t enough, Peterson is also the founder of an online photography school. (opens in a new tab) and leads photography workshops around the world.

The secrets to mastering street photography are revealed in its latest offering, from capturing city streets to country lanes and the intriguing alleys in between. Described as a masterclass, the educational book defines street photography as “images that capture human interaction, whether it’s a striking cityscape, an image of hourly pedestrian traffic peak, the remains of a half-eaten sandwich or a portrait of a pedestrian”. ‘.

(Image credit: Bryan Peterson)

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Peterson shares 120 “mini diaries” throughout Understand street photography, as good as the story behind each image included; the thought process; compositional arrangement; color psychology; and what lens was used. Peterson also divulges useful image specs such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO used for readers to attempt to replicate his work.

A very frank approach to the education and teaching of photography. Sharing knowledge is a great way to help beginner photographers get to grips with the technical side of things and that’s exactly what Bryan Peterson does in Understand street photography.

(Image credit: Bryan Peterson)

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Both professional and budding photographers will learn from this book, honing their skills for producing posed, candid compositions and capturing movement while working with aspects such as light, shadow, weather, signage and architecture.

Street photography as an art form requires a keen awareness of your surroundings and how people, vehicles and bikes interact with encompassing aspects.

(Image credit: Bryan Peterson)

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Endless opportunities are present in street photography for creatives to experiment with different shutter speeds, involving movement or alternatively freezing the action, or perhaps even optimizing the simple act of panning.

Through lessons, exercises and anecdotes, Bryan Peterson provides his top tips for capturing the unpredictable world of city life in motion and will help awaken your senses to the incredible possibilities of image-making on the streets of the world.

Published by Watson-Guptill, Understanding Street Photography will be available to buy in August 2022 at an RRP of £25 ($31 / AU$44 approx).

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