The Moray Art Center’s six-week photography course will conclude with an exhibition


A SIX-week photography course at the Moray Art Center will conclude with an exhibition depicting the participants’ “journey into photography”.

Students will exhibit some of their work at the end of the course at the Moray Art Center in Findhorn. Photo: Daniel Forsyth

The six-week course taught photography beginners the key principles and how to apply them to the camera.

Forres-based photographer Gary Murison, who started his own photography business in 2011, led the course.

Participants explored the fundamentals of light, composition and exposure through hands-on sessions.

Tasks to date have seen participants take photos ranging from landscapes, flowers, animals and nature.

Students, having improved their photography skills with the help of Gary, will now have the opportunity to exhibit their work alongside photographer John Ferguson.

John, a Glasgow born visual artist, has had a number of exhibitions in the North of Scotland.

The final one will focus on the transition from her photography to lockdown and how it’s starting to take a new direction.

A UHI Moray student himself, John says his job is to “look at the awesome everyday and make awesome everyday.”

The course is due to end tomorrow, October 13, and students are expected to exhibit some of their work in a group exhibition at the Moray Art Center afterwards.

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