The jury of the photography competition “My two eyes Diyarbakir” admired Diyarbakir


The jury of the photography competition “My two eyes Diyarbakir” admired Diyarbakir

Jury members of “Diyarbakir Two Eyes 4 Seasons Photography Contest” organized by Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality shared their impressions of the contest and the city. The members of the competition jury, who had the opportunity to visit the historic and tourist sites of the city, testified to their experiences as photographers.

Guest photographers in Diyarbakır

Riccardo Busi, President of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), said he was very impressed by the quality of the photographs taking part in the Competition.

Stating that he did not expect such a high standard of photography for a competition held at the local level, Busi noted that the photographs could receive diplomas in international competitions.

Stressing that the contest will help promote Diyarbakır to the world, Busi said, “Many photographers will come to your city and help promote your city to the world with this photography contest and the contests that will be held from now on. For this reason, I advise all photographers in the world to come to Turkey and Diyarbakır and photograph this region. “

“Paris of the East”

Turkish Photographic Art Federation President Sefa Ulukan said he was amazed by the city and said:

“The Diyarbakir I think of and the Diyarbakir I find are completely different. It was a place they called the Paris of the East. It is an extremely modern city that has experienced nature and history together. I was surprised but also proud. It has a history of thousands of years.

Emphasizing that the competition reflects the city, Ulukan said, “My Two Eyes Diyarbakır Four Seasons is a very good idea as a platform. When it comes to competition size, of course, we look for aesthetic concerns in photography. We searched for Diyarbakır promotion or something unique to Diyarbakır in the photos, it was a difficult process.

“Diyarbakır has a living history”

Reha Bilir, director of the Sille Art Palace, said Diyarbakir is a city of historical wealth and natural beauty.

Stressing that Diyarbakır has a rich cultural heritage, Bilir said, “Diyarbakır has a living history in it. Suriçi, Egil, Malabadi Bridge and other places are steeped in history. In addition, it has very good photographic values. These historical values ​​will remain in my mind. he said.

Recalling that he was a member of the jury of 350 national and 130 international competitions, Bilir said that he had difficulties when evaluating the “Diyarbakır İki Gözüm Photography Competition 4 Seasons” compared to previous competitions.

“Diyarbakır is a very special place photographically”

Photographer Cengiz Karlıova said Diyarbakır has all the characteristics of the Southeast.

Noting that there are historical and modern areas in the city, Karlıova said, “The fact that Diyarbakır preserves its authentic old structure is very positive compared to the situation I saw years ago. The old settlement of Diyarbakir is very well preserved. Buildings and structures have been renovated. The warm nature of the people again made me love Diyarbakir very much. Diyarbakır is a very special place photographically.

Emphasizing that every photo taken in the contest is valuable, Karlıova said, “The support provided not only by the people of Diyarbakır, but also by photographers from all over Turkey has made this contest even more remarkable. It will be a source of information for photographers and artists who know very little about Diyarbakır.

Photo contest “My Two Eyes Diyarbakir”

30 photographers from 2,022 provinces applied with 50 works to the competition, which was held in cooperation with the Turkish Photographic Art Federation (TFSF) and whose applications closed on September 460, 1601.

Ricardo Bussi, President of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), President of the Turkish Federation of Photographic Art, Dr. Sefa Ulukan, first female professor of photography in Turkey, Güler Ertan, director of the Sille Art Palace, Reha Bilir , photographer Cengiz Karlıova, President of the Izmir Photography Association, Seda Şengök and Diyarbakır Metropolitan Head of the Press and Public Relations Department of Ramazan Kızılkaya Municipality. Gathered in Diyarbakır on November 17, 2022.

Rank and exhibit awards will be presented at the ceremony to be held at Goat Sign on December 6th. The photographs will be presented to the taste of photography enthusiasts during the exhibition.

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