Stunning Bolton Boy Snapshot Wins National Photography Award

A TEN-Seven year old from Horwich has won a nationwide competition for his photography skills.

Charlie Sweeney, who attends Rivington and Blackrod Sixth Form College, entered the SnapYourTown contest with a stunning image of his city, with one of the judges describing it as an “emotional response” to the city.

Innit for Young People Charity (I4YPC) launched the nationwide competition in partnership with Salford-based educational ICT infrastructure company Dataspire, which included an online photography workshop, as well as a competition to win a big prize.

Charlie, who took the photo on his Samsung S10 phone, said: “I discovered it at the bus stop after passing my driving test so it wasn’t a bad day. get on the path to my future career, which is exciting for me.

“I saw a tweet from I4YPC that was retweeted by my school’s art department, and I thought why not, what have I got to lose? I have participated in small competitions in the past. It really feels good to be recognized by photographers who know their stuff.

“I was just looking outside my house and saw some beautiful colors in the sky and the clouds and thought the jumpsuit would make a really nice photo.

“I can imagine what David Stewart sees and the perspectives of others. I’m really happy to have made it this far. I couldn’t believe it at first.

David Stewart added, “It has an emotional response to the idea of ​​’my city’. In fact, I think there is more to it as well.

“You can read it as the virus roams the city and everyone is inside and the red sky is the danger warning, but as with all photographs, individuals can put their own stories in. meaning.”

I4YPC, which was founded by playwright and artist Micky Dacks, is delighted to announce that Charlie is the winner of the competition.

Charlie’s piece was consistently chosen by 12 judges, across five separate rounds, and following his victory Charlie will receive a Nikon D3500 camera kit, framed by David Stewart and signed photo books from him , and an opportunity to photograph the professionally staged production of I4YPC. Innit: Musical, at the Lowry in 2023.

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