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Nguyen Li poses with his camera, ready to take pictures. (Signal Photo/Alex Ramirez_

Nguyen Li’s passion for photography inspired the creation of Stanislaus State’s first photography club. Li seeks to connect photographers, filmmakers and creatives. There was an effervescence around its creation. A photography club is a response to the growing creative community.

Li, Junior, a business administration major at Stan State, had a progressive hobby in photography. He filed gossip papers in early March of the 2022 spring semester.

Li’s inspiration comes from previous bands such as Modesto Camera Club. He learned the basics of photography there. The best thing to take away from his experience is to have fun.

“Based on my experiences at the club, I thought it was really fun,” Li said.

Li's photography

Li captures a boat sailing along the coast of San Francisco. He likes to go out to the Bay Area, when he can, to take pictures. (Photo courtesy of Nguyen Li)

He wanted to bring the same energy to a Stan State club. motivate him to take initiatives. But he found himself in a difficult situation. How does a non-arts major connect with other photographers at Stan State? University campuses are a great wealth of resources, especially in the creation of new resources. Then he made an interesting discovery. In more than 50 years since its inception, Stanislaus State has never formed a photography club.

Li explained that at the beginning of his hobby, he felt lonely in his practice. Moreover, there is a presence of students involved in the same interest, but who have no means of collaborating.

“I spoke to students. They want to participate in this. They want to build that community,” said Jose Navarro (Graduate, Education Advisor).

“I think Stan State really needs a photography club. It actually shocked me to learn that there has never been a photography club in the entire history of Stan State,” said said Carly Esteaff (senior, Communication Studies.

The photo club is not just for photographers. Li wants it to be a way for creatives to connect. Stan State, considered a commuter college, has the potential to leave creative students disengaged. A club is a way for them to connect, giving them meaning in what they are studying.

Li's photography

Li loves taking photos of unique landscapes, like the new seating outside the renovated J. Burton Vasche Library. (Photo courtesy of Nguyen Li)

“Whether you have a brand new camera or just use your phone, it’s such a great common interest that so many people can take advantage of it,” Esteaff added.

Distance learning has affected students during the pandemic. Coming out of the pandemic, students are looking to engage more and find opportunities. This is where the photography club comes in handy. A place to be free of creativity. It’s an area where creatives can network and can build a community of like-minded and inspired people.

“If you are interested in photography, join us,” Li said.

Club activities started in early April and meetings are not mandatory, but they will have activities from early April. If you have any questions about the club or would like to join, you can email Nguyen Li at [email protected]

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