SmugMug has acquired popular photography podcast, This Week in Photo (TWiP)


SmugMug has acquired popular photography podcast, This Week in Photo – otherwise known as TWiP. This is the company’s second acquisition after taking over Flickr in 2018. In addition to acquiring the podcast itself, TWiP editor Frederick Van Johnson is also joining SmugMug. He will lead content and new media while maintaining his role with TWiP to help it continue to grow and evolve.

SmugMug+Flickr Vice President of Marketing Scott Kinzie says “it’s a perfect match,” with the companies and TWiP aiming to increase the influence and impact of photography around the world. TWiP was created by Frederick in 2008 as a primarily gear-focused podcast. It has since evolved to cover just about every topic in the photography industry.

SmugMug is a big name in the photography industry, having taken over the reins of Flickr in 2018 and brought it back to some relevance. Today, it registers a traffic of approximately 60 million users per month. SmugMug’s acquisition of TWiP is another step in helping inspire and educate photographers everywhere, regardless of skill level. About the acquisition, Kinzie says:

Our goal at SmugMug is to build a better world through the power of photography, and This Week in Photo has been inspiring, educating and connecting photographers for over a decade. Naturally, we are big fans of [Johnson’s] work.

We are one of the few truly photographer-centric brands in the world. We are always looking for opportunities to support these cornerstones of the photographic community, so when we realized Frederick shared our vision for the future of photography, it became clear that this relationship was great not only for photographers but also for the art of photography itself. .

This Week in Pictures (TWiP) has been around since 2008, evolving from the initial discussion of the latest gear and gadgets to covering a wide range of photographic topics. It now offers regular image reviews, interviews and inspiration, plus tips on how to keep your professional passion alive with plenty of business talk from some of the world’s best working photographers. John also spoke about the acquisition:

Frankly, it’s time for TWiP to evolve. I’ve built a wonderful podcast and community of photographers, but I believe TWiP can reach many more photographers, produce more amazing content, and expand the dialogue around photography – and its impact on our world. I just had to find the right team to work with, and SmugMug is the obvious choice due to its unprecedented brand recognition and reach in the photography industry.

Ten years ago it was all about equipment and the latest technology. They also wanted to know how to build a portfolio or a gallery with the tools of the time. People always love their gear, but today we see more and more people going into business, trying to make it into a professional photographer. I’ve long admired SmugMug’s commitment to empowering photographers since I signed up in 2004. I’m thrilled to join them in their mission to inform, inspire and entertain more photographers – that’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

It seems like the perfect match for businesses and their audiences, not to mention Flickr. With a wide range of photographers from all walks of life, skill levels, and genres, the audience on all three platforms blends very well. He will probably see all three of them develop in directions that were not possible before.


You can read more about the acquisition on the SmugMug website.

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