Qatar National Library holds short course in digital photography

A short course in digital photography started at the Qatar National Library on January 11 with the aim of teaching participants basic photography skills, including types of photography, rules of composition and parts of SLR cameras. digital single lens (DSLR).

The four-session course explores the exposure triangle, light painting and manual control of a digital SLR camera. Participants also have the opportunity to practice their new skills with photography exercises in the library.

Aspiring photographer Hassan Ayman commented after the workshop: “Photography is my hobby and of course I would like to improve my skills. It was helpful for me to attend this session, as it not only allowed me to learn the basics of using a professional camera, but also to meet other people with aspirations and similar interests.

Nadia Mohamed, event participant, said: “I recently bought a camera, but it was difficult to fully use it or understand its more advanced features. Thanks to the Library sessions, I can now better use the advanced features of my camera.

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