Photography is an art at the camera culture at Red Bank


RED BANK, NJ — Amanda Snell and Jeff Gross hope to share their passion for photography with the Red Bank community at their new store, Camera Culture, 24 Monmouth St.

The traditional neighborhood camera store opened its doors three months ago and just had a grand opening event last weekend when its new sign was put up.

The store buys and sells vintage and modern cameras, does repairs, and sells film for old-school photographers. It also provides film developing, printing and scanning services.

“We love photography and we want to help other people get into photography,” Snell said.

She and Gross are married and both photographers. Gross’s family has owned The Brick’s photo center since 1977, she said. And the family had plenty of contact with Dorn’s Photos, the iconic Red Bank photography business owned for decades by the Dorn family which closed in 2004.

Red Bank seemed a natural place to fill that void.

Camera Culture brings customers into a world of photography they may have only experienced back then,” Snell said.

They sell movies; they develop films – and they offer photography advice.

In fact, the couple hosts a free 35mm film photography class on Sundays for beginners and anyone who wants to learn more about photography.

Snell said photo printing has been popular with customers, including those who shoot with cellphones.

“The photos stay in their cameras – they never print them out,” she said.

Now there’s a way to make a personalized print from a photo that’s especially important to a customer, she said.

And they can help clients protect a photographic legacy. The store offers restoration services so that treasured family photos can see new life.

Learn more about Camera Culture on its website.

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