New art exhibit mixes mediums of pottery, murals and photography


A new collection of original artwork inspired by Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger” by Anke Lex is now on display at the Tremont


Through the mediums of maiolica pottery, tile murals and encaustic photography, I invite you to take a colorful tour and see what has been done for you and me. The great joy of being a passenger, not a driver, nor a pilot or a captain, free to let thoughts and imagination wander to blend into a magical and surreal landscape.

The world seems different as a passenger, the spirit casts a magical, surreal spell over everything. Stories remembered, stories told, things imagined all blend into the landscape of the passenger. For example, when I pass by our magnificent Federal Building downtown, I remember that it was built after a building in Havana. I imagine what our building would look like in Havana, how it could look here in Havana, maybe there would be a palm tree next to it.

This exhibition was inspired by “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop.

I am a ceramist and have worked mainly in majolica for about twenty years. Over the past few years, I have included encaustic works in my exhibitions. Vibrant colors, gold and fire are what unites my work.

The exhibition is on view on the ground floor of the Tremont at 80 Simcoe Street until October 30. The studio is open from Tuesday to Thursday evening and Friday and Saturday noon until 9 p.m. Also open randomly or by appointment.


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