Msindo deplores the lack of depth in photography

By Alfred Tembo
LACK of creativity and new ideas that testify to the growth and expansion of photography in Gweru and beyond prevents the most knowledgeable local photographers from registering a trademark on a global scale, says Joel Jackson Msindo .

Msindo, who is an international photographer, has been published in a number of nature publications around the world.

“In Gweru, most of the photographers have acquired state-of-the-art equipment, but they lack the skills that match the technology they have,” Msindo said.

The 26-year-old photographer said knowing about global trends, especially in the digital age, is important to local photographers.

“Our biggest challenge is that we have a lot of similarities and little uniqueness,” he said.

“Photographers are more concerned with the idea of ​​buying gadgets than with personal development and the advancement of the industry itself.

“It’s important to note that with the right skills, any camera can do wonders.

“Much of our photos lack simple, basic techniques such as composition, subjects, focus, the right light and, in most cases, compelling stories are lost in the struggle to balance these factors in. a split second. “

Msindo believes that with technology there were many platforms to start with, including Youtube and websites.

“To find a balance, we need ongoing research and knowledge exchange between photographers,” he said.

“There is a monotonous trend of studio photos and other obvious approaches that we have to get rid of as photographers. We need to improve.

“Let’s learn how to bring life, depth and detail to our photos. It is this ambition to integrate artistic prowess and mastery of the balance between the subject and the supporting elements in the fixed stories that we tell that sets us apart.

“Customers need new techniques and new interactive approaches to gain confidence in the art we produce.

“In addition, to develop art and keep people glued to photography, we need serious research, to learn new traditional and foreign techniques that attract people. “

The young photographer is expected to be part of an exhibition scheduled for next month.

The exhibition is organized by Mushipe Visual Arts Program, a mentoring initiative supported by the Culture Fund, the European Union and Creative Actions.

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