Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Set to Expand Series’ Photographic Missions

Marvel’s Spiderman hosts a ton of side activities in its open world that players can choose to engage in or skip depending on whether they want more Token resources. These activities range from fighting criminal activity to completing Taskmaster challenges, collecting backpacks, or taking pictures of landmarks all over New York City.

The open world in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will have to scratch that same itch with his own side-activities, whether he returns from Marvel’s Spiderman or new to the franchise. Some of these activities can be expanded from how they were originally implemented, and one activity in particular would benefit from an expansion in gameplay or storytelling. Photography is an important part of Peter’s life, as he previously worked as a photographer at the Daily Bugle in Marvel’s Spidermanand this could be reviewed again in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for additional activities.


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A Brief History of Photo Missions in Spider-Man Games

Peter’s experiences chided by J. Jonah Jameson at the Daily Bugle in particular or as a photographer were included in Spider Man games for a while. neversoft Spider Man on PS1, for example, Eddie Brock Jr photographs Otto Octavius’ speech at Science Expo 2000 in hopes of returning to Jameson’s good side, and Spider-Man rescues Jameson from the vengeful Scorpion at the Daily Bugle .

Spiderman 2 and Spider Man 3, being loose adaptations of the films, feature optional encounters with Jameson, Robbie Robertson, or Betty Brant at the Daily Bugle through photo assignments that players can accept. Photographic missions in Spiderman 2 involve players running from one waypoint market to another and interacting with large icon prompts to take a photo of a monument, landmark, or environment, before returning to the Bugle before a timer expires.

Photographic missions in Spiderman 3rather, are more involved in terms of the actual mechanics of the camera lens where players are scored on the quality of their shot, but they are not timed and therefore may be less engaging or challenging. The Amazing Spider-Man operates in an odd canon as a spiritual sequel to the film, and is therefore an adaptation by extension. In its free adaptation, The Amazing Spider-Man features freelance photography assignments that Peter accepts from journalist Whitney Chang.

These are similar to Spiderman 3but players are either tasked with photographing certain environmental interests, or all the enemies and super-villains they encounter to save them to a database for unique concept art. Marvel’s Spiderman allows players to take photos of landmarks for Landmark tokens.

These tasks bear no relation to Peter’s professional interests and have no meaningful significance to the narrative of the game. They are purely there as an optional activity that players can indulge in should they need respective tokens. , and there is a salient reason why Marvel’s Spiderman doesn’t have Peter taking these photos for the Daily Bugle these days.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Peter Parker May Be Past His Photographer Days

Presumably, Marvel’s Spiderman‘s Peter has grown well from his fledgling career as a freelance photojournalist. Marvel’s Spiderman portrays Peter as an Empire State University graduate who works as a part-time research assistant under Octavius’ tutelage. Peter’s scientific and technological ingenuity is thus demonstrated, lending renewed credibility to his ability to design different costumes and produce new gadgets.

Peter’s life is certainly not luxurious or financially flourishing, however, as Octavius ​​is unable to pay him a living wage without adequate funding, and their work on neurological prostheses is eventually confiscated and banned by Norman Osborn. This alleviates much of the anxiety and tension Octavius ​​and Osborn have between them, and is the main catalyst for Octavius’ dramatic transition into a supervillain terrorist.

Marvel’s Spiderman ends without Peter having another job in sight, but the game hints at several career paths he could follow Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Peter is a scientist from Marvel’s Spiderman, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Insomniac chose to pursue that, potentially with a career alongside Doctor Curtis Connors.

This is less likely due to the fact that Connors is already established as a Lizard, and if the public knows that, he may not be a favorable employer. On the contrary, we see him working alongside Osborn in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales‘ post-credits scene, which means he’s not incarcerated, and perhaps not criticized or blamed for the chaos resulting from his science transformation.

But if Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 chooses an alternate career path for Peter, it is explicitly implied by the character’s dialogue that Peter can hold a lecture or teaching position in an indefinite capacity. It wouldn’t be the first time Peter has taken on the role of teacher professionally in the Spider-Man source material, but it might make Insomniac’s iteration of the character more unique as it’s definitely not a journey. career in which Peter was widely represented. .

Given that both of these likely career paths are viable, there is little chance that Peter will return to photography in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. He did, however, accompany Mary Jane Watson on a trip to Symkaria as a photographer on assignment, implying that he may not be giving up those talents entirely. If Peter is between gigs or needs extra work on the side, for example, there’s no reason why he can’t accept spontaneous freelance assignments from GM or the Bugle.

Photo Missions Could Complete Optional Activities In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

As Marvel’s Spidermangamers will almost certainly take pictures in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as a way to get tokens if picked up as a leveling and crafting resource. Photography is a simple mechanic and also had its uses outside of side activities, especially with how it was implemented in GM’s own stealth encounters.

But if the photographic missions are indeed included in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, they can have a much more narrative meaning. This could be executed in a number of ways, but the idea would be that Peter could continue to take on freelance missions for MJ throughout Marvel’s Spider-Man 2whether he already has a new job or not.

That would Marvel’s SpidermanLandmark tokens are much more interesting and attractive to research, as these missions could have dialogue between Peter and GM and have more diverse events or circumstances to try and get a picture of, such as criminal activity or individuals particular that only Spider-Man could approach. Narratively, however, if Peter were to return to the Daily Bugle in an official capacity, Insomniac could debut characters such as Betty Brant and Gloria Grant, or even Eddie Brock Jr.

Otherwise, it would just put more emphasis on Jameson’s character and show the actual interactions between him, Peter, and MJ. However, Peter du Bugle’s earlier resignation might make a return difficult or implausible, so unofficially taken assignments for MJ might be the direction Insomniac would take. This, or any other career path Insomniac chooses, is undetermined at this point, but it will be interesting to see if and how photography assignments are expanded in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 should be released in 2023 on PS5.

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