Los Angeles-based Leyla Stefani Photography announces expansion into studio rentals

LOS ANGELES, Calif./ACCESSWIRE/March 15, 2022/ Leyla Stefani Photography recently unveiled her plan to build her first studios for rent in LA

Leyla Stefani Photography is a respected name in beauty and skincare photography. In an unexpected change of direction for the company, LSP is currently building new studios in the Los Angeles area. LSP plans to rent them out to other artists and creatives as a professional workspace.

A space for creative people

Los Angeles is a hotbed of creative activity. With so many artists, designers and myriad others working in their apartments, Leyla Stefani Photography hopes her new studio spaces can serve as a more suitable space for creatives, giving them peace, privacy and comfort. atmosphere to explore, innovate and create.

As an LSP rep explained, “Brands, artists, creatives – everyone loves creating content in one-of-a-kind studios, and we’re adding a great new location in the nation’s arts and entertainment capital.” Whether for artists, photographers, videographers, designers or any other type of creators, the space will be specifically designed for the pursuit of creative endeavours.

Rapid growth in a surprising direction

With over 1,000 Ulta stores already and a portfolio ranging from LA Girl’s Coachella campaign to brands like Glamnetic and OneSize, Leyla Stefani Photography is growing rapidly. This planned expansion into studio management is a surprising deviation from the company’s planned trajectory, though it doesn’t seem to stop him from pursuing greater opportunities in photography.

Explore new opportunities (in photography and beyond)

Despite her new endeavors, Leyla Stefani Photography is still a growing name in beauty and skincare photography. LSP is currently in talks with other major beauty brands and retailers to discuss showcasing the company’s work in their stores, products or promotional materials. The company hopes its future studios will open up new connections and opportunities with big names and brands.

Leyla Stefani Photography was created by Guatemalan photographer Leyla Stefani. Committed to representing and showcasing the beauty of diversity, the company specializes in beauty and skincare photography.

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