IPF opens doors to photo exhibition on World Photography Day

KM Dayashankar

Photographs on display are nominations for the IPF Photographer of the Year Award

HYDERABAD: On the occasion of World Photography Day, Indian Photo Festival (IPF) has opened the doors to an inspiring photo exhibition which was opened on August 19 (Friday) by philanthropist and entrepreneur Mrs. Pinky Reddy at the State Gallery of Art.

All photographs on display are nominations for the IPF Photographer of the Year Award to be held in association with HMDA, CREDAI Hyderabad, State Gallery of Art, Srishti and Blackforest on September 17, 2022. The inauguration was also attended by M Santosh BM IAS, MD HGCL, Chairman of CREDAI Hyderabad, Mr P Rama Krishna Rao and Dr K Lakshmi, IAS, Director, State Gallery of Art among others.

The photographs on display are final nominations in eight categories – photojournalism, documentary, travel and nature, wildlife, street, portrait, wedding and mobiles; and will be on display at the State Art Gallery until September 19, 2022. These photographs feature breathtakingly beautiful landscapes captured in soft hues. While the street photographs intrigue, the portrait and press categories highlight fascinating stories of individuals and human perseverance when nature takes its toll. Interesting juxtapositions of the wild and “not-so-wild” side of wildlife and beautiful captures of the fun moments of otherwise emotional weddings make this exhibit very distinctive.

“With the IPF Photographer of The Year Awards, we aim to bring the idea of ​​photography to a wider audience. The fact that we received many applications from non-professional photographers during our first edition confirms that the initiative is going in the right direction. We at IPF believe that these are small but important steps towards creating a larger community of photographers in India. And these events provide a good platform for everyone to people come together under one roof, share their ideas and experiences and learn what is happening in the world.Photographers from 85 countries submitted their works for the awards and the selections were made by a renowned jury of photographers and designers. National Geographic editors. In India, we did not have such exposure in our early days of photography; however, we sincerely hope that today photographers will take advantage of this opportunity and gain from ri ches experiences of our initiatives,” said Mr. Aquin Mathews, Founder and Director of Indian Photo Festival.

Known for her philanthropic work for children’s education, the health and welfare of the elderly, and her love of art, Mrs. Pinky Reddy is known for her hard work in reviving dying art forms. Opening the IPOY photo exhibition, she said: “It is moving to see such a pool of talent in photography on a day when we celebrate World Photography Day. People use various art forms to raise awareness of sensitive social issues, but using photography to tell compelling stories with an idea to bring about change in society is noble. I want to congratulate Indian Photo Festival for creating a wonderful space and media to inspire people and hope more people will benefit from it.

“It is an exciting time for Hyderabad as we inaugurate the 1st edition of the IPF Photographer of The Year Award exhibition today. It brings us closer to a much stronger reminder of the Hyderabad brand globally. learn about our heritage and rich culture through various platforms and all I can say is that this is just the beginning,” said Mr. BM Santhosh, IAS, MD, Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited ( HGCL) and Secretary of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).

The nominees were selected via a blind selection process where none of the photographers’ names were revealed to the jury, making the selection absolutely unbiased and fair. The judging panel included some of National Geographic’s most sought-after photographers and editors, such as Mr. Raghu Rai, widely known as the father of Indian photography, Dominique Hildebrand, photo editor at National Geographic, California, leading nature and wildlife photographer. Sapna landscape. Reddy, National Geographic Photographer Prasenjit Yadav, Leading Street Photographer and Leica Ambassador Vineet Vohra, Potrait and Fashion Photographer Manoj Jadhav, Nationally Renowned Master Artist and Photographer Photriya Venky and Leading Photo Blogger Gopal MS.

“The State Art Gallery has hosted the Indian Photo Festival since its inception and we have seen the festival grow year on year, not only in number but in quality and scale. We are happy to be part of this initiative and will be ready to support other such initiatives to help grow the community of photographers in Hyderabad and India,” said Dr. K. Lakshmi, IAS, Director of the State Gallery of Art.

List of nominees for the IPF Photographer of the Year Award:

Category: Wedding
1. Anoop PS
2. Vamshidhar Reddy
3. Niklesh Malkani
4. Nitika Bhasin
5. Roshan Kesare

Category: Landscape
1. Senaritra Dutta
2. Sankar Sridhar
3. Veeresh Babu Rama
4. Hirak Bhattacharjee
5. Luisa Lynch

Category: Portrait
1. Chantale
2. Sergei
3. Priyanshu
4. Payment
5. Arvind

Category: Mobiles
1. Guruda Bate
2. Ganesh Vanare
3. Azim Khan Ronnie
4. Raju Debnath
5. Aayush Chaturvedi

Category: Press
1. Anindito Mukherjee
2. David Talukdar
3. Dipayan Bose
4. Shanth Kumar SL
5. Sumit Sanyal

Category: Documentary
1. Giacomo d’Orlando
2. Santanu Dey
3. Chinky Shukla
4. Natalya Saprunova
5. Daniela Sala

Category: Street
1. Subhran Karmakar
2. Sudharsan M
3. Priti Tiwari
4. Abir Choudhury
5. Ajeesh Puthiyadath

Category: Fauna
1. Changela Amish
2. Mukesh Acharya
3. Sarang Naik
4. KS Manju Mohan
5. Ashok Sikri

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