Home Photography Ideas: Shoot optical illusions in a glass, in your kitchen!

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Want to capture a fascinating optical illusion to impress your friends? In this project, we’ll show you how the refractive properties of a water-filled glass can create magical distorting effects when placed in front of patterned or colored backgrounds.

In our main example, we used a colored two-tone background, and the optical effect of looking through a glass of water magically changed the colors. However, similar dazzling effects can be achieved with monochrome mosaics and other patterns.

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Home photography ideas

The technique is simple and, in addition, you do not need any special equipment! All you need is a little natural light, a standard zoom (like the lens in your kit), some colorful backgrounds (which you can print yourself) and some ‘a vessel or glass vessel of your choice.

Just fill it with water and look through, and you’ll instantly see the effects of refractive distortion! So have a drink and let’s get started …

01 Make a background

02 Edit your background

We’ve found that a cereal box is the perfect size to mount your background, using masking tape, to keep it upright. We placed our box on top of a few thick books to accommodate the size of the glass we chose.

03 Camera and settings

04 Watch out for the light

To get a nice shot without using a flash, you’ll need to be working in a bright room with lots of ambient light, but don’t sit in direct sunlight near a window as you’ll get too much glare. If glare is a problem, you can point out the light – we used two other ledgers, which worked just fine.

05 Focus and compose

Activate Live View to compose your image and zoom in on the glass base using the camera’s magnify feature. Now focus manually for more precision, using focus peaking if your camera has it. Exposures will be relatively slow, so you can use a wireless remote, your phone, or a trigger cable to trigger the shot.

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