Eight visual speakers announced for Pacific photography masterclass

Creative New Zealand, in partnership with world-renowned VII Academy photojournalists, is pleased to announce the eight recipients of its inaugural Pacific Photography Program for 2021.

Top row: Niko Talo, Soteria Ieremia, Nick Netzler and Mele Siniva Williams.

Bottom row: Jasmine Tuiā, Emily Mafile’o, Penina Momoiseā and Trina Edwards.

The 12-week pilot project begins today, Monday November 1, and aims to develop digital storytelling through the visual medium of photography as a craft and art form.

“Pasifika communities live on the fault line of 21st century geopolitics, are at the forefront of the consequences of global warming and live with the legacy of violent colonialism every day, yet their voices are not heard enough,” says the CEO of The VII. Foundation and VII Gary Knight Academy.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the incredible team that Creative New Zealand has put together and to collaborate with eight Pasifika photographers to understand and amplify their stories.”

The VII Academy program will be led by Senior Professor Christopher Morris of VII Photo Agency, an American photojournalist best known for his photographs of conflict zones and the White House, but who has also covered a wide range of topics ranging from rights to the fashionable man. over the past four decades.

Program outcomes include learning to photograph in a documentary style, creating photographic narratives, and preparation for publication.

“We recognize that the oratory is an important part of our heritage as Pasifika, so we are delighted to be joined by some of our Pasifika visual speakers to allow them to extend their digital skills,” said the photographer at Pacific Raymond Sagapolutele, who is the project manager hired by Creative New Zealand.

“Working alongside the best photojournalists in the world from VII Academy and sharing our Pacific style of storytelling is what I look forward to. “

Christchurch photojournalist Andrew Reid, board member of the VII Foundation and New Zealand-based Todd Corporation, encourages recipients “to look more and more closely at their own communities and tell their own stories.”

“To date, VII Academy has provided instruction and inspiration to over 600 students around the world, working with them to enhance the art of visual storytelling, with a strong ethical focus,” he says.

“A fundamental tenet of Ecosystem VII is to enable local visual artists to focus their attention on their own communities, both broadly and up close. “

The program has been specially adapted for online delivery, recognizing that lockdown situations related to COVID-19 are a reality for many participants.

“It has been a busy and difficult time with COVID-19 as it continues to dominate our lives and that of the arts sector. But it’s really nice to know that we can continue to foster international partnerships that add value for our artists, ”said Stephen Wainwright, Managing Director of Creative New Zealand.

“This exciting new strategic initiative supports our Pasifika creatives in Aotearoa by developing world-class digital storytelling skills to provide them with other sustainable career options in the future and enhance the presence of our rich worldviews. Moana through international collaboration, ”said Senior Director Pacific Arts Makerita Urale. .

“With the support of Pacific Arts Strategy 2018 – 2023, we continue to develop and expand our Va Digital Moana goal for the global digital reach of our communities. “

About the VII Foundation

The VII Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit, media and education charity. It was founded in 2001 in response to challenges faced by photographers and writers in funding long-term investigative journalism projects. It is an independent, non-profit structure that secures support for continuous documentary practice and training in media practice. He initiates work that tackles complex social, economic and human rights problems, that challenge authority and inaction, and seeks solutions to seemingly intractable problems. VII Academy is the education arm of the VII Foundation.

About the VII Academy

The strategy of VII Academy is to promote, teach and foster high quality international journalism in the majority world and under-represented communities in G20 countries.

It does this by providing free training to emerging professionals and students from these communities in the areas of media practice, visual journalism, storytelling, ethics, business and entrepreneurship, thereby enabling long term a culture in which news storytelling is democratized.

About Creative New Zealand

Creative New Zealand is a Crown entity governed by the New Zealand Arts Council Toi Aotearoa. Under the direction of the Art Council, Creative New Zealand encourages, promotes and supports the arts in New Zealand for the benefit of all New Zealanders through funding, capacity building, our international agenda and advocacy.

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