Edmond’s teacher enriches his students with the beauty of photography

EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – There’s something special about an image that often captures more than what we see through a lens, and through the eyes of a child it can be even more magical.

“Sandee is a photographer,” Amy Mullen said. “His passion is teaching children.”

Edmond’s Academy of Visual Arts for Children is nestled at 3500 South Blvd., Suite B16. However, it started in 2009 with photography classes in city parks to positively connect children. Over the years, Sandee Hunt-Brady has shared her gift and cultivated it with countless children, but today Sandee is the one receiving a gift. Amy Mullen nominated her for Pay It 4Ward.

“She’s having so much fun,” Mullen said. “She has a great network of people who help her teach kids skills other than photography and art. She does field trips. She has a themed camp every week all summer long, and now she’s become a little school bus that she takes with them.Sandee’s passion is truly amazing.

“First Fidelity Bank likes to recognize those who give back to the community, and Sandee represents exactly what Pay it 4ward is all about,” said Kenneth Miles of First Fidelity Bank.

With $400 in hand, we step into the academy to surprise Sandee.

Sandee Hunt-Brady beaming at the Pay it 4ward award presentation.

“Hi. You must be Sandee. I’m Joleen with News 4. We have a program called Pay It 4ward, and Amy nominated you, and she has something for you.

“Oh my God. Thank you.”

“You know I love everything you do and I’m so proud of you,” Amy Mullen said. “I know you’ll do so much with all this for the kids.”

“We are about to go on an excursion this afternoon. We’re going to see Pop’s and the round barn and take pictures,” Sandee said. “It empowers them and inspires them.”

Photography not only helps them see the world with a more detailed eye, but also themselves. Some of Sandee’s students are college graduates.

“There are a lot of really great students who have gone through the program, and their parents are trying to say thank you and thank you, but I really feel like it’s just photography and the arts,” he said. she stated. “It lets them know they can be something. It’s a beautiful thing.

The Academy of Arts still accepts donated cameras and chargers. For more information, visit the Academy of Visual Arts for Children website.

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