Check out the winners of the Open Call 2022 photography competition by the freelance photographer (10 photos)


The Independent Photographer has just announced the winners of its Open Call photography competition, which took place in October 2022. Images from over 40 countries were reviewed and 10 winners and runners-up were selected by Molly Roberts.

More information about the judge:

Molly Roberts is an award-winning visual editor, freelance curator and documentary filmmaker, who has worked and collaborated with some of the most important names in contemporary photography over her twenty-five year career.

She is currently the senior photography editor at National Geographic Magazine; was previously photography editor at Smithsonian Magazine and led the photography teams at Washington Post Magazine and USA Weekend.

The Open Call Photography contest aims to celebrate and reward photographers of portrait, documentary, fashion, landscape, fine art, street, conceptual, etc. We invite all photographers to share their best images!⁠

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Renee Johnstone – 1st place. Price — $1,000

“Balanced Contrast” – Australia

“I am a mother of five children and a photographer. My children inspire me and together we enjoy the process. It strengthens our bond. I set out to create moving images that evoke emotion, telling my story of motherhood through my lens. Finding beauty in the mundane while delivering a subtle message of body positivity to my daughters. Turning what some may consider physical flaws into works of art they can appreciate and look at in adoration is my reason.

“We are drawn to this image by the immediate intimacy of the scene. Dreamlike and meditative, the photography begins to capture the secret trance of childhood and the depths of innocent imagination. —Molly Roberts (National Geographic)

Carly Zavala- 2nd place. Price — $600

“Calvin” – Brooklyn, New York, USA

“Portrait session with artist and model Calvin. The concept was to create a portrait that showcased her beautiful features against the backdrop.

“The colors and surface combine to create a gem-like quality. The shape and demeanor of the face is regal and timeless. A classic but updated portrait. —Molly Roberts (National Geographic)

Paul Lichte – 3rd place. Price — $400

“Glacier River” – Iceland

“Glacier River photographed from a small plane in southern Iceland.”

“Captured aboard a light aircraft, Paul Lichte’s depiction of glacial rivers in Iceland (part of a larger series of his travels to the country) is truly stunning. Seen from above, the rugged landscape becomes an almost abstract composition – rich in tactile texture and subtle hues – with the frozen streams resembling tree roots. Expertly framed and rendered with extraordinary skill, it is a wondrous image that demonstrates, with remarkable power, the profound yet fragile beauty of the natural world. – Publishers of independent photographers

Alexandrena Parker – finalist

“Board Games – Ace of Diamonds”

“A portrait of Charlee exploring the concept of childhood play away from digital screens.”

Ana Hop – finalist


“This is an intimate portrait of my Aunt Arminda. She lives with what has been diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenia. I use these portraits to show her daily struggle with this mental illness, which is now openly talked about but was once a family secret. According to her diagnosis, she is not allowed to work or have a social life like others with her condition sometimes can. She is very conscious of her weight.

Jason Ward – finalist


Kelly-Ann Bobb – finalist

“Boscoe’s Musings” – Trinidad and Tobago

“Editorial work influenced by the paintings of contemporary Trinidadian painter Boscoe Holder. Dark imagination and using fashion as a vehicle to showcase our culture and reference us led to this series.

Kin Chan – finalist

“Tangzi Kyi” – Ritoma, Tibet

“Portrait of a young girl named Tangzi Kyi with her parents outside Ritoma, Tibet. Perched 3,200 meters above sea level in the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous District, Ritoma has a population of 1,500, 10,000 yaks and 25,000 sheep.

Lucas Bullens – finalist

“Silverback Gorilla”

Thaddäus Biberauer – finalist

“While I Fight the Tears”

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