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Smartphone photography is no longer just about capturing a moment on the go. It’s about everyday art and the ability to take photos wherever you are. This means the absence of heavy equipment. And it can be an incentive to develop your photography skills beyond just capturing. As photographers, we like to remind everyone that IT’S NOT ABOUT THE CAMERA! The camera has become an integral part of the modern smartphone. And now it’s not just about the camera. Smartphones are increasingly becoming the hub of the entire photographic process.

With the right apps, you can take a photo, edit it, and post it online. If you want to improve your smartphone photography, you should know the following apps. Whether you want to take photos, edit them or post them online, we have the best apps for photographers available right now. We present our top tips for must-have photography apps. And to make it easier for you to find what you need. There are photography apps for taking pictures. There are apps for editing photos. And there are apps for sharing and finding photo work.

Here is the list of the best photography apps for iOS and iPhone


Snapseed is a photo editing app. It’s free. It’s not destructive. It’s more powerful than Instagram, and if you have space on your smartphone or tablet, you should immediately download Snapseed, even if you’re a professional photographer. Snapseed is a Google acquisition intended to bolster Google’s photography capabilities. Now it’s a Google app with powerful photo editing filters that you can use on your smartphone or tablet.

Some see Snapseed as an answer to Instagram, but it’s said to be part of Google’s ongoing efforts to improve its photo editing and photo sharing software in general. Nik Software – The company that originally created Snapseed has developed a wide range of photographic filters and complementary products specializing in high dynamic range (HDR) filters. Google continued to add tools to the app to expand its capabilities.

lens distortions

Lens Distortions is an exciting new app that will change the way you look at iPhone filters for photography. The app offers a unique editing platform that lets you combine subtle blur effects, light leaks, textures, and overlays to elegantly enhance your shots. Lens Distortions is a new iPhone app that lets you choose from a variety of distortion filters to create stunning yet simple filters for your iPhone photos.

The app offers a unique filter platform that lets you combine beautiful shards of glass with subtle blur effects to add elegance to your photo. Unlike popular filter apps like VSCO Cam or Instagram which allow you to apply a variety of simple filters to your photos, Lens Distortions creates filters which can mimic bokeh (shallow depth of field), lens scratches and light leaks. The results can be surprising.


Halide is a little intimidating at first glance, but it’s designed to put you back in control and let you adjust everything from exposure and focus to ISO and shutter speed. The interface includes histogram and depth of field views, allowing you to monitor how the phone records and processes depth of field settings.

Halide tops our list because it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. It’s designed for photographers who want to take their shots the way they want and not leave everything to automatic settings and chance. It is one of the best professional camera apps for iPhone currently.


If you shoot a lot of videos, ProCamera is definitely the app for you. The app has similar functionality to the other apps on this list, but it also offers complete control over your videos.

From preset camera modes for things like HDR and low-light shots to controlling the resolution and frame rate of videos you create, ProCamera is surprisingly well-equipped for an iPhone camera app. And advanced settings let you control everything from focus and stabilization to file formats and geotagging.

photoshop express

Photoshop Express Photo Editor is an ideal tool for learning the intricacies of photo editing. It is intuitive enough for beginners and has many features for experienced users as well. The collage maker is a great way to display photos and offers plenty of layout, style, and format options. Use PS Express to document class projects, trips, professional development and PBL projects, design yearbooks, or create photo collage posters for science fairs, plays, or other special events.

Students can create visual journals of interesting projects, complete with text over a period of time or even years. For a modern take, students can create an overview complete with images using various in-app templates for their school’s social media pages. Imagine proficient students designing YouTube video sketches and channel images or promotional images for fundraisers or school events. Full sharing is disabled by default, so you’ll need to sign up for social sharing.

adobe light room

When it comes to editing photos on your iPhone, you have many options. Lightroom is arguably one of the most powerful editing tools for iOS users, offering many of the same tools as the premium desktop version of the software. Adobe Lightroom is a popular professional photo management program available for Windows, Mac, and iOS.

For professionals, one of the main advantages of Adobe Lightroom is that you can edit RAW image files on your Mac without having to convert them to another format. Adobe Lightroom syncs your collection and edits with the desktop version, so you can edit on the go.


VSCO (formerly VSCO Cam) is a popular app and platform for smartphone photographers. This is a “for artists, by artists” community where iOS/Android photo editor, camera app and members simultaneously post photos taken and edited with VSCO. A whopping 189 million posts have the #vsco Instagram hashtag at the time of writing.

When editing and uploading a photo, the app automatically adds the hashtag, but most people like to add it manually because it’s so popular. VSCO regularly hosts creative contests and contests, manages photo collections, and shares educational content, all on one social platform.


Pixlr X is an online photo editor with many features that lets you use desktop apps for money. It is under active development, so some features are still in beta and the editor will be improved over time. If you’re looking for a quick way to adjust your photos or an advanced tool for complex compositions, it’s worth a shot, and it’s free.

Pixlr X is a free online photo editor with lots of advanced features that put many free desktop apps to shame, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to use. Some tools are still in beta, but Pixlr X is still relatively new and future updates will no doubt bring significant improvements.


PicsArt is an all in one application. It offers tons of photo editing options, a great selection of creative tools, and is also a video editor. Editing options include exposure and color correction, background removal, background blur with smart selection tool, selfie retouching tools, image straightening , multiple photo filters, etc. You can also use grids for picture collages and templates, and scrapbooks with frames, stickers (over 60 included and the ability to create your own), drawing tool and more. Easily create Instagram memes and stories from your edited photos.

The video editor has an intuitive interface that lets you add music (your own or from the app’s library), trim and crop your videos, use smart video merging, and apply filters. The free version of the app contains ads, which can be annoying, but you can use all the features. For an ad-free experience, you’ll need a Gold subscription, which you can pay for weekly, monthly, or annually. It is one of the most expensive photo editing apps, but also one of the best. You can use the 3 month free trial to decide if you want to make this investment.

Photo by Pixelmator

Pixelmator Photo is a desktop photo editing application and supports raw formats for over 600 cameras. The included Photos browser has an attractive camera roll design and works in sync with the iPhone’s own Photos app library. Therefore, it is not only one of the best photo editing apps but also an excellent photo manager. With the ML Enhance function, you can quickly and easily adjust your images automatically.

You can adjust your image later, or you can do it all yourself using all non-destructive photo editing tools. The app has a machine learning denoising tool to automatically reduce noise and artifacts from image compression. You can also choose from over 30 color settings and nine unique preset groups to add a creative touch to your images.

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