Alicia Alonso International Dance Photography Competition with Camagüey Performance

Thursday 23 September 2021

Camagüey, Sep 23 – For the first time in Cuba, the Alicia Alonso 2021 International Dance Photography Competition is taking place, to pay tribute from the art of the lens to the legacy and history of the ballerina assoluta.

With more than 135 photographers from twenty countries competing, Camagüey’s youngsters Argel Ernesto González and Daniel Martínez Reyes won the semi-finals of the competition which will award the prizes on October 28.

Of the seven competing categories, the City of Tinajones is represented in two of them, stage photographs and landscape dance; the first with images of booming dancers and the second through clichés in urban or rural areas, starting from everyday life.

Argel Ernesto González, this time placed the Camagüey Contemporary Ballet as the center of his work after capturing moments of the A él and Cuerdas choreographies, performed in December 2019 from the stage of the Avellaneda Theater by the group under the tutelage of Lisandra Gómez.

For his part, Martínez Reyes found in the sensitivity of the Plaza del Carmen the ideal location between the shadows and the cobblestones to cut the movement of the clouds with the delicacy of the dance in the living body that defies gravity for a few seconds.

Headquarters of important companies such as the Camagüey Ballet, the Folkloric Ballet or the Contemporary Ballet, so that the city is part of the first International Dance Photography Competition Alicia Alonso 2021 represents a stimulus for the dance work of the territory and the fair recognition of the young artists who of their objective they immortalize the movement makes image. (By Claudia Artiles Díaz / Radio Camagüey) (Photos: taken from Gabriel Dávalos’ Facebook profile)

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