This photograph by Jane Liechty inspired the poem “Calm and Restful Wonderland” co-written by residents of Center Care’s Memory Care Unit. Photo by Jane Liechty The Betsy Rodgers Allen Gallery at the Schlow Center Area Library is hosting an exhibit throughout June featuring poems written by residents of the CenterRead More →

Launched in 2014, PhotoSparks is a weekly column of Your story, with photographs that celebrate the spirit of creativity and innovation. In the previous 615 posts, we featured a arts festival, cartoon gallery. world music festival, telecom fair, millet fair, exhibition on climate change, wildlife conference, boot festival, diwali rangoli,Read More →

Breadcrumb Links New Local News “Light In Darkness”, the debut exhibition of Nigerian-born and Edmonton-based photographer Tope Akindele, is now on view at the Stony Plain Multicultural Heritage Centre. Photo by Tope Akindele. Content of the article A new exhibition of photographs is presented at the Multicultural Heritage Center. AdvertisementRead More →

This month we look at a collection of COVID-19 portraits of mothers and their children, each captured through glass; a series of subtle B&W photos showing a heterogeneous Parisian district; a look at the history of portrait photography, from the daguerreotype to the selfie; a guide to mindful photography; monochromeRead More →

Earlier this week, a blood-red moon hovered over Tucson — and much of the rest of the world. It was a joy to see the colors change from pale orange to red in the darkened sky. Longtime Tucson photographer Kate Breakey has captured the extraordinary hues of this red moonRead More →