Maybe questioning my own intelligence isn’t the best way to start this article, but if I’m going to write a column called “The Smarter Image,” I have to be honest. In many ways my cameras are smarter than I am, and while it sounds threatening to many photographers, it canRead More →

POCATELLO – Something that started as a passionate project for a local couple is now a brick and mortar store inside Station Square on South Main Street in Pocatello. Casey and Marisa Etheredge opened Ether’s Edge in mid-November, and the business has already been a hit with downtown shoppers. TheRead More →

What was once a pure school of photography now specializes in visual effects and digital transformations. The Symbiosis School of Visual Arts & Photography, formerly known as (Symbiosis School of Photography) has expanded beyond photography and instilled modern techniques to match the world. “The interesting point is that the instituteRead More →

The Department of Media Studies and Journalism at the Bangladesh Liberal Arts University (ULAB), through its Shutterbugs learning program, on Thursday launched the “Bangabandhu in Sculptures and Murals” photographic exhibition in the capital. Thirty-five selected photographs are on display, showcasing the sculptures and murals captured by Shutterbugs members from differentRead More →

Almost two decades after the publication of his first poem, Karl Kempton, an Oceano resident, envisioned a new way for Central Coast residents to enjoy poetry, without necessarily having to open a single book or interrupt. an intimate live reading. “In 1983, I thought that the region could and shouldRead More →

Howell Jones Photography (07954-04495), a Somerset-based photographer specializing in weddings, has expanded its services to include engagement photography for couples across the UK. Bristol, UK – December 18, 2021 – With the latest expansion from Howell Jones Photography, engagement photography is available as part of UK and destination wedding shoots,Read More →

The Williamsburg Contemporary Arts Center will host a photography-focused event called Photography Extravaganza early next year. (JMJ / Gabrielle Rente) WILLIAMSBURG – Local photographers will have a place to showcase their work and learn more about the art form in the New Year. From January 12, 2022 to February 4,Read More →

Howell Jones Photography (07954-044495) has started remote consultations for wedding and engagement shoots. The company offers travel services to you throughout the UK including Somerset, Bristol and Glastonbury. Bristol, UK – December 17, 2021 – Howell Jones Photography has updated its virtual consultation and password protected gallery services for weddingRead More →

The Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival today announced the highlights of the 26th annual city-wide event which will run through May 2022. Canadian and international artists will present works based on the ‘focus in exhibitions, site-specific installations and commissioned projects in museums, galleries, and public spaces across Toronto. The preliminary listRead More →

Looking at the fire-ravaged California landscape he has inhabited for three decades, English photographer Nick Brandt sees the deep scars of man-made climate change. The impact of our “ecocide” has long been at the center of his striking photographic work, including series On this earth (2001) and Inherit dust (2014).Read More →

Awantipora, December 11: To continue its efforts to instill practical knowledge in students and promote a skill-based teaching-learning mechanism, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication (DJMC) of the Islamic University of Science and Technology (IUST) has Hosted a one-day Photography Workshop on Monday with Showkat Nanda, an award-winning documentaryRead More →

Founded in 2015 by artist couple Arpan Mukherjee and Shreya Mukherjee, Studio Goppo is today a favorite destination for photography enthusiasts keen to follow the steps taken by early practitioners nearly two centuries ago. In the middle of a sweltering September five years ago in Santiniketan, West Bengal, Krishanu ChatterjeeRead More →

Felix Martua (The Jakarta Post) Jakarta ● Sat 11 December 2021 2021-12-11 08:13 0 d0ef3ad71c60f88f9fd64cfb100b490f 1 People Photographer, photography, claudia-dian, andien, Yura-Yunita To free For more than five years, photographer Claudia Dian has been trusted to immortalize the heartfelt moments of notable public figures such as Indian, Tulus and YuraRead More →

While working as a photographer in New York, Florian Koenigsberger had personal experience of this question. “I remember getting this prompt on my phone to proactively revisit memories with my mom. I opened this thing… and it just showed me so many things that had nothing to do with myRead More →

Written by Rebecca Cairns, CNN For the past 60 years, the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) has protected animals, restored lost habitats, and advocated for policy changes that benefit wildlife. Now the conservation organization is trying a new approach. This year, AWF launched the first Benjamin Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards.Read More →

Bookmark (0) Please login to bookmark No account yet? Register WELCOME to The Daily Click, where we focus on County Clare businesses with an online store. The Clare Echo calls on locals to support Clare businesses and think local before visiting international business websites. Today we introduce you to someRead More →

STEVENSVILLE – Celebrity photographer Jay Fleming has moved his photography studio from Annapolis to Kent Island. Fleming’s new studio is located at 1415 Sonny Schulz Boulevard, Suite B, in Stevensville. Regarding the new location, Fleming said he was happy to have found the space available and affordable. Fleming’s second book,Read More →

The exhibition presented at Stedelijk Museum tells the story of a Dutch woman who, in the early 1960s, began to study photography at the Sint Joost Academy of Fine Arts in Breda, very quickly to rise to the highest level of international fashion photography . During his 50-year career, hisRead More →