10 amazing examples of still life photography ideas

If you are into photography, you will know that still life photography is a class and that it is about innovation. well and by the beauty of the creation it could be said that it would continue to be in fashion for a long period of time which is great. Now if you love photography and want to get amazing photos then here is Architecturesideas presents some of the best Still life photography ideas that you need to check and you can also try them:

The sugar in my coffee:

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Now it’s pretty easy but you have to get some things to get the perfect shot and here you have to get your hands on a wavy spoon and a cup of coffee then you have to get some sugar and you can put the spoons there one after another in a group and take only one spoon closest to the coffee cup and make sure you have sugar filled in your spoons. It looks like sperm following eggs and it looks so realistic at the same time and having that kind of image in your Instagram profile would get you a lot of views and followers at the same time.

Smoke and perfume:

Source: denispedersen.com

It’s still a really great idea in still photography and the fashion industry often gets these kind of images clicked on for promoting their products and it looks so gorgeous at the same time and the best thing here is that it is so easy to get these kind of images clicked. Here you should get a dark background and put the perfume bottle to the side, then get some smoke around by putting out a candle nearby.

Fold the paper wheel:

Source: surfnetkids.com

Here you will have to use filters to get the perfect clicked image or you can also use a mirror to get the perfect shot as it is not possible to finish the wheel on your own. So here you will need to gently fold the middle pages of your book to make a semicircle and mirror at the bottom and get the full circle of folded papers.

Paper boats:

Source: pinimg.com

Sometimes a basic thing can turn out to be the best picture and the same happens with this kind of picture here. Here you will need to keep the background dark and get your hands on some paper boats and make sure you make boats in different sizes, as well as using some bright colors here and then arranging them one by one of the most. large to smallest in a queue. then click on the image.

Fine Dine With Burning Essence Stick:

Source: etsystatic.com

It is part of the peaceful frames of still photography and this simple thing can turn out so beautiful that people would save the photo for sure. Here you would have got a dark background and put a few small glasses and a few small plates which should also be dark in color and a colorful flower in the center of the table and that would be the only colorful thing in the frame, then get some sticks of gasoline burning on the table and that’s it and click on the picture.

Watch On the Rock:

Source: 22slides.com

Now this is also a very easy photo that you can get and here you wouldn’t need to get a stone and a watch that you want to be in the frame and then smoke as well. Now you would have to watch the boulder and spread smoke to the back of the boulder and then click on the image.

The light bulb:

Source: alphacoders.com

It is also a kind of easy to create photography scene that you can do easily for this, you would need a few bulbs and among all of them there should be a light bulb and then you should assemble all the bulbs together and then place the bulb lighting on top, then click on the picture, that’s it.

A track walk:

Source: mediakatalogas.lt

It is still a very popular frame for still photography which is often used by shoe brands and here you will need to arrange a narrow white platform and the environment should be dark and place your pair of shoes one after the other. the other in a way as if some people are walking up the ramp of the track and then getting a click on the stage.

The cherry heart:

Source: godates.co

Now this is both cute and romantic still photography idea that you can follow to get perfect cherry photo clicked for your Instagram photo gallery. Here you will need to get two cherries which need to be tied together and then you will need to cross them so that the stem is in the shape of a heart and the image is clicked.

Give me a bottle of colored beads:

Source: 7-themes.com

This is another really nice creation which can result in a nice still image and here you will need to get your hands on some cute little bowls and colorful beads then you will need to fill the bowls with beads and place them in a group then click on the picture. Keep everything else in white or black so the colored beads can be highlighted.

They were among the best Still life photography ideas that you can check out and you can find other such amazing ideas on Architecturesideas.

Discover more unusual still life photography ideas that you can take even at home without expensive equipment.

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