Personal Loans For Housewives


Personal Loans For Housewives

Approaching the activity of housewife to the possibility of obtaining a personal loan will seem to many people a practically impossible enterprise. In reality it is not so, as evidenced by the presence of personal loans for housewives available at many financial institutions and lenders.

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Loans for housewives: characteristics, amounts and durations

Personal loans for housewives do not differ in the basic principle from loans not dedicated to a specific category of people. However, even for housewives, it is normal to ask for a guarantee to protect those who issue the credit from any missed payments.

In the case of retired housewives, the presence of a monthly allowance, even if of a minimum amount, could already represent a sufficient guarantee. In this case it is usually proposed a bond on the check received or the signing of a transfer of the fifth, that is a mode of repayment of the personal loan that takes place through the deduction of a quota equal to a maximum of one fifth of the pension. In this case, the retired housewife does not have to do anything because it is the institution that issues the pension to send the quota established to the person who issued the loan.

In the case of the absence of a certain income, such as a pension, the housewife is usually required to present a guarantee of a different type, which in most cases consists of a guarantor , ie a person who signs the personal loan together to the interested party, assuming responsibility in case of non-payment of one or more installments. It is usually required that the guarantor has a certain and demonstrable income and is able to meet additional expenses.

Although it does not represent a valid rule for all financial products, it is worth pointing out that usually personal loans for housewives are offered for rather small amounts, with the most frequent cases that do not exceed a few thousand euros. Also the repayment period of the loan is usually reduced, but the duration as well as the amount of the requested installments vary from product to product.

Personal loans for housewives without paychecks or guarantees

Image result for personal loans for housewivesA separate chapter deserves the treatment of loans for housewives without paychecks or guarantees . In theory, nothing prevents a financial institution from granting credit to a person who is not able to offer guarantees, especially if the financial profile does not present negative aspects, such as a protest or the registration to a central risk as a bad payer .

However, we must point out that the provision of a loan for housewives without guarantees is not easy and that not all financial institutions and banks that provide loans are ready to consider the requests for this type of profile.

It is also worth pointing out that usually loans to housewives, especially if with limited guarantees, have higher average interest rates than those of less risky profiles, such as a permanent employee.

How to find the best loan for housewives

The recommended solution to find the best loan for housewives with or without guarantees, is to contact the largest number of financial and possible banks, perhaps using a loan comparison tool. This type of tool is very useful to evaluate online loans for housewives, as it allows you to identify products that match the characteristics of the housewife who requires the loan and its needs. The comparators are useful bikes even if the housewife does not have difficulty in obtaining credit, as they allow to compare interest rates and return conditions.


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