Getting a Personal Loan: How? The Requirements for Having it!


Getting a Personal Loan: How? The Requirements for Having it!

What are the necessary requirements to be able to access a personal loan?

They are of two types: the first is linked to the documents and the presence in Italy, the second concerns the financial profile of the applicant. Let’s find out in the details.

The documents necessary to request a loan

Image result for Getting a Personal LoanThe first step required by all banks and financial institutions is the presentation of documents attesting to their regular presence in Italy. For those who are Italian or of foreign origin, are in possession of the identity card and the tax code , the problem does not arise. The case is different for those who do not hold an identity card; in this case the presentation of a valid residence permit is required or in any case the presentation of a document attesting the legal permanence in Italy. For all Italians and non-Italians, it is often required to present a document that certifies the actual residence , such as a document issued by the municipality or a paid user (for example, an energy bill or a telephone utility) loan to the applicant).

Get a personal loan: the need for a guarantee

Image result for Getting a Personal LoanThe second type of requirements required to obtain a personal loan concerns the possibility of presenting a guarantee that certifies the ability to repay the loan that you intend to request. The guarantee requested may be of different types. The ideal situation for applying for a loan is to be in the condition of an employee , public or private, hired with a permanent contract for a prolonged period of time. However, it is understandable that this requirement is not available to anyone who requires a personal loan. To have a personal loan, however, the presence of a paycheck, or alternatively the pension , replaces a sufficient guarantee even in the case of fixed-term workers, although in this case usually the period of repayment of the loan is also reduced at the duration of the contract.

However, this does not exclude those who are not in possession of these requisites from the possibility of obtaining a personal loan. In fact, as a guarantee, the presence of a guarantor is often required, that is, a person who assumes responsibility for paying the loan if the applicant is unable to meet the agreed installments. In the absence of a guarantor, it is possible for the financial institution to accept movable or immovable property as a guarantee; for this purpose, for example, a limitation on the future pension, on the termination indemnity or on any insurance products already subscribed by the applicant at the time of requesting the personal loan can be requested.

In the absence of these requirements, some financial institutions offer the possibility of signing loans that have been changed , ie loans in which the applicant undertakes to repay the amount due through the signing of bills. It should be noted, however, that this form of payment is not widespread, and that banks and financial institutions prefer to identify alternative forms of guarantee before proposing the signing of bills.

How to have a personal loan if the required requirements are missing

Image result for Getting a Personal LoanWhat to do, however, if the requirements explained above are not present? In case of lack of documents that allow legal residence in the national territory, there is no possibility to access the credit.

On the other hand, it is not the case that one can not present one of the guarantees listed above. In this case, especially if you fall into certain profiles, such as that of protested , housewife , bad payer or student , you can find personal loans designed for your specific situation that most corresponds to the required requirements . Even if a loan is refused , it is always possible to contact a new bank or a different financial institution to explain their personal loan needs. To identify the subject that can meet their needs, it is possible to compare the products available on the market using an online comparator , a tool capable of presenting more financial products that meet the characteristics sought by the applicant.

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